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Host: George Cautherley, Speaker: Wong Kam-sing

Organizer: Community Development Initiative Date : March 25, 2013 Engagement Evening, the new public engagement series organized by Community Development Initiative, is honored to have the Mr. Kam-sing Wong, Secretary for the Environment, as our first guest of honor. The new administration is going to face several hot-button issues of our environment, namely air quality and waste management. The new Air Quality Objectives (AQOs) will be enforced by 2014 while our air quality keeps on decline. The direction and priorities of the government to turn the ever-worsen air quality into acceptable ones deserve our attention. Likewise, landfills of Hong Kong are expected to be filled up within this term of the government. While the administration has proposed waste management facilities, affected communities would give tremendous pressure in order to resist proposal. Our guest of honor, Mr. K.S. Wong, would share with the audience and participants who are interested in environmental issues on the agenda of the government in dealing with those challenges.


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