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Presenter: Professor Michael E. DeGolyer, Director, Hong Kong Transition Project

Organizer: Community Development Initiative, Hong Kong Transition Project Date: 12 Jan, 2014 In a random sample survey of 1007 respondents launched simultaneously with the first consultation on reforms for the promised direct election of the Chief Executive in 2017, respondents were asked a series of critical questions: 1. “How fairly do you think Chief Secretary for Administration Carrie Lam will conduct a constitutional reform consultation process?” 2. “Do you currently support or oppose the possible Occupy Central protest?” 3. “Would any of the following make you change your mind to support or oppose the Occupy Central protest: a. Hong Kong government finishes consultation and issue a report before 1 July 2014 b. Hong Kong government issues a draft law (white paper) by 1 July 2014 c. All pan-democratic parties call for support of Occupy Central d. Radical democratic parties only call for support of Occupy Central e. Beijing government warns against joining Occupy Central” 4. And finally, “How worried are you about violence and damage to Hong Kong’s economy from an Occupy Central Demonstration?” The Hong Kong Transition Project has been surveying Hong Kong people’s views on political development and constitutional reform regularly since 1991. This briefing excerpts key responses from the latest survey, relating to the fairness of the current consultation process and initial reactions to a possible confrontation with Beijing.


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